Press Card in Liechtenstein: A Valuable Asset for Journalists

Understanding the Press Card Concept

Before we delve into the specifics of obtaining a press card in Liechtenstein, let’s briefly revisit the concept. A press card is a credential issued to professional journalists, granting them access to events and information that would otherwise be restricted. It’s a symbol of recognition and trust in the journalistic profession.

The Significance of the Press Card in Liechtenstein

In a country like Liechtenstein, where the monarchy still plays an active role and where high-profile business events are commonplace, a press card opens doors. Journalists with this credential enjoy privileged access to various events, including press conferences, interviews, and even exclusive gatherings.

Obtaining a Press Card in Liechtenstein

Getting a press card in Liechtenstein requires going through the Journalist Union of Liechtenstein (JUL). They issue press cards to professional journalists who have proven their credentials and adhere to journalistic standards and ethics.

The application process involves submitting evidence of professional journalism work, such as published articles, broadcast materials, or similar evidence. Once the application is approved, the JUL issues the press card, which is recognized locally and internationally.

Cost of a Press Card in Liechtenstein

The cost of a press card in Liechtenstein varies depending on the issuing body. The JUL, for instance, charges an annual fee for its press card. It’s advisable to check the current rates directly with the issuing authority.

Freedom of Press in Liechtenstein

Freedom of the press is a valued principle in Liechtenstein. The country is committed to upholding this freedom, as it plays a crucial role in a democratic society. Therefore, journalists with a valid press card can freely carry out their duties without undue interference.

Maximizing the Benefits of Your Press Card in Liechtenstein

Having a press card in Liechtenstein comes with several perks, and knowing how to leverage these can be beneficial. For instance, use your press card to gain access to restricted events or areas, allowing you to provide a unique perspective to your audience. Use it to facilitate interviews with key figures, giving your reports added depth and credibility.


The press card is more than just a piece of identification for journalists in Liechtenstein; it’s a passport to exclusive events and information. As such, it’s an invaluable asset for every serious journalist looking to make their mark in this principality.